Mar/Apr 2018


Coding for Medically Necessary Contact Lenses

The current healthcare coverage landscape can be tricky to navigate. Knowing these essentials can help.

Freedom on Your Fingertip: GP, Hybrid and Scleral Multifocals

These options offer crisper vision than soft lenses and custom-tailored solutions that can satisfy even the most dubious patients.

Presbyopia Eye Drops are in Sight

The future looks bright for topical presbyopia treatment.

Presbyopia: The State of Surgical Correction

As IOL options continue to evolve, procedures targeting the cornea and even the sclera open up new frontiers for surgeons.

Succeeding with Soft Multifocals

Thanks to enhanced materials and designs, these lenses remain the first-line option for today’s presbyopes.


Corneal Consult

A Cultural Divide

Many ODs prefer empiric MK treatment to culturing, but this approach could be risky.

Fitting Challenges

Back at Square One—With a Twist

Clinicians should consider specialty soft contact lenses for patients who struggle with adaptation to rigid lens designs.

My Perspective

The Prospect of Antimicrobial Lenses

These could save contact lens wearers a lot of trouble, and research shows some promise.



Ortho-K | Myopia | Meibomian Gland Dysfunction | Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome

Practice Progress

A Hidden Opportunity

Pay attention to the eyelids—they can help us improve contact lens wear for our patients.

The Big Picture

Burning Questions

Severe alkali exposure wreaks havoc and demands a swift response to preserve vision.

The GP Experts

Avoid the Near Miss

Understanding GP multifocal lens designs and how the patient’s anatomy influences the choice can help you provide spectacle independence for both reading and distance acuity.