April 2016


Off on the Right Foot: Preparing the Patient for Scleral Lens Wear

Are you fitting a first-timer? Keep these tips in mind for a smoother process.

Scleral Lenses in Action: Solving Problems with Specialty Lenses

These lenses are good for more than just the irregular cornea. Five cases illustrate their potential.

Simple Tips for Troubleshooting Sclerals

These lenses can pose unique challenges, especially for newcomers to the modality. Here’s how to improve chances of success.

Scleral Lens Fitting: Once Rare, Now Routine?

As these specialty lenses continue to gain in popularity, should they be adopted for wear in uncomplicated cases as well?


Corneal Consult

Complications from a Corneal Issue

How should one respond when immune deficiency disrupts the corneal healing response?

My Perspective

Big Gains for Big Lenses

Though sclerals are widely used today, is there any peril to their growing popularity?


Ozone, Humidity Shown to Be Factors in Dry Eye Disease

Certain air pollutants may affect the ocular surface.

What Increases the Need for Refractive Surgery Retreatment?

Presence of pre-surgical factors could mean the difference between undergoing one treatment and three.

In Brief

Here's a snapshot of what's happening in the industry.

Out of the Box

To Do or Not to Do

Start something new or stop doing something old? A three-question test to determine the right answer.

Practice Progress

Sclerals: Easy as 1-2-3

Advice new fitters and veterans alike can benefit from.

The GP Experts

Happy Landings

Incorporating toricity into scleral lens designs may improve your fitting success.