Scleral Lenses

Overcoming Obstacles with Scleral Lens Fitting

Follow along with these two tough cases to sharpen your techniques and help set expectations for patients with severe corneal compromise.

Wave Hello to Wavefront-Guided Sclerals

These lenses are a great option for those with residual higher-order aberrations but also can be used to create excellent multifocals.

Bumps Along the Way

With scleral lens usage growing, it’s imperative to understand the potential complications you may encounter during fitting. Here’s how to recognize and rectify them.

Imaging the Scleral Profile for Enhanced Results

Advanced technologies can be of value in the design and fitting process.

10 Scleral Lens Design Tips From the Pros

Experts share their advice and best practices to help you optimize your own approach.

Step Into Sclerals

These tips will help you master initial lens care for new patients.

Building a Medical Contact Lens Practice

Seven pros detail their opinions on how to start and maintain a specialty focus, the difficult cases they encounter and their best advice for long-term success.

Preventing and Managing Edema with Scleral Lenses

Important factors include lens material selection, optimization of design, customization with fenestrations and channels and closely monitoring eye health.

Take a Scleral Lens Virtual Workshop

Let’s work through several cases to better understand how to navigate common challenges that can arise during the fitting process.

Sclerals 101: A Primer for Lens Fitting

Walk through how to best incorporate this modality into your practice.