September/October 2020


Autologous, Allogeneic and PRP: The Many Facets of Serum Tears

These new therapeutics could be an important addition to your dry eye patient’s routine.

Let’s Talk About Labs

Ask yourself if your current relationship with your labs meets your needs.

Material Management in a Scleral Society

Have a comprehensive understanding of all your options prior to beginning the fitting process.

The Pancake Cornea Conundrum

Postsurgical flattening poses unique visual challenges that only GP lenses can counter. Read on to learn how we managed it—and you can, too.

When to Consider Piggybacks and Hybrids

Get the best of both worlds when mastering the techniques for these options.


Corneal Consult

When Scleritis is Infectious

This destructive form of the disease requires early identification and aggressive treatment for the best chance at preserving vision.

Fitting Challenges

Bad Fit, Big Opportunity

A decentered lens compromised vision and induced corneal reshaping.

My Perspective

The FTC’s One-Two Punch

Patient safety and prescriber sanity were not priorities of the recent rule change.

The Big Picture

A Stitch in Time

Corneal sutures provide a vector for infection. Here’s what to watch for to keep patients safe.

The GP Experts

Evidence-based Resources Amid COVID-19

Select advice can be useful in the clinic for patient education, while other information may contain background reading to educate yourself on best practices during the pandemic.