September 2015


Critical Measurements to Improve Scleral Lens Fitting

Gathering as much data as possible can help streamline the process and provide better outcomes.

GPs: Are You Making Good Use of Diagnostic Fitting Sets?

An expert walks you through the finer points of the process to help you achieve better results.

Making the Case For Custom Lenses

Finding a lens for every patient can boost your practice and your profits.

Options Abound: A 2015 Report on Custom Contact Lenses

Keep abreast of new developments in lenses and related technology that can strengthen your practice.


My Perspective

The Myopia Menace

The recent passing of Professor Brien Holden highlights the continuing need for myopia research and clinical intervention, especially with contact lenses.


CDC Report Notes Widespread Lens Care Noncompliance

Virtually all CL wearers engage in some form of risky behavior concerning lens care.

In Brief

Here's a snapshot of what is happening in the industry.

Study Links CL Wear with Increased MGD Risk

Researchers discover CL use is responsible for early MGD.

Out of the Box

Blinded by the Light?

Just because something works once doesn’t mean that it always will, or that it could never be surpassed by something even better.

Pharma Science & Practice

Pregnant Pause

Updates to the FDA’s pregnancy drug categorization system mean changes for your practice. What should you expect?

Practice Progress

Meet the Candidates

More patients can wear contact lenses than you might think. Custom designs can turn missed opportunities into success stories.

The GP Experts

A Lens for Every Eye: Custom Contact Lenses

Successfully fitting hard-to-fit eyes is key to growing your specialty lens practice.