November 2014


A Clear View of Multifocal Contact Lens Optics

Many patients abandon contact lenses at the onset of presbyopia due to the reduced quality of vision. Here's how to achieve the best vision possible and keep them wearing contact lenses.

Change is Good: Encouraging the Switch to Multifocals

Presbyopes can be apprehensive about moving to multifocal contact lenses. How should you address their concerns?

No Patient Left Behind

With a myriad of multifocals at our disposal, just about everyone is a good candidate for presbyopia correction of some kind.

Resolving Central Islands Caused by Overnight Corneal Reshaping

Could a common procedure used to fix topographical central islands in fact worsen them in some cases?

The Final Cut: Surgical Correction of Presbyopia

Are we close to replicating accommodation without compromise?


Derail Dropouts

Digital World, Ocular Fatigue

Electronic device use is growing exponentially. Are you taking this into account when discussing contact lenses?

My Perspective

Should Your Patients Purchase Contact Lenses Elsewhere?

Watch out for third-party contact lens sellers attempting to gain your patients' business.


In Brief

New and noteworthy advances for practicing clinicians.

Which Single-Agent Therapy is Best for Fungal Keratitis?

The individual susceptibility of fungal organisms means a wide range of therapeutic options exist.

Out of the Box

Sharing is Caring: Delegate Your Contact Lens Fits

Here's why learning to let go is one secret to a successful practice.

Pharma Science & Practice

Secrets of the Serum

Ongoing research reveals how to better manage dry eye with autologous serum eye drops.

The GP Experts

When Surgery Falls Short

Patients who experience vision deterioration following refractive surgery often do not realize contacts may be an option. There are many!