January 2015


Glaucoma and Dry Eye: Principles and Parallels

Can one progressive eye disease teach us how to best treat another?

How to Incorporate Scleral Lenses Into Your Practice

Turning your interest in scleral lenses into a successful practice-builder requires more than just knowing how to fit them.

Seven Simple Secrets to Scleral Success

Are you intimidated by this resurgent modality? You don't have to be. When fitting scleral lenses, keep these handy tips in mind.

The Quest for Compliance

The CDC recently completed its first national contact lens health campaign. Can lessons learned during the effort help practicing clinicians?

Who's a Candidate for Scleral Lenses?

These specialty lenses are no longer just for the irregular cornea.


Derail Dropouts

Obvious Problem, Elusive Cause

Diagnosing contact lens-related discomfort is not always as simple as you may think.

Lens Care Insights

Sticky Situation

Do your patients get mucus buildup on their scleral lenses? Here's one way to remove it.

My Perspective

Antibiotic Resistance: Applauding the President's Council Report

Ocular concerns differ somewhat from systemic ones, but in many respects the risks and consequences are comparable.


Corneal Scars Are Forever–Or Are They?

Doctors may one day use stem cells to treat corneal scars.

DMEK in Vitrectomized Eyes: Successes, Setbacks

DMEK is effective in restoring visual acuity in vitrectomized eyes, despite higher complication rates.

In Brief

Here is a snapshot of what's happening in the industry

Pharma Science & Practice

Bug Eyes

Are you fully considering Demodex in your work-ups and treatment decisions?