May/June 2022


2022 Abstract Review: ARVO Up Close

Learn about the most clinically relevant anterior segment studies presented at this year’s research showcase.

Best Practices in Contact Lens Care

Patient education on storage, handling and application goes a long way.

From Basics To Biologics: Selecting Drops For Every Dry Eye Patient

Take a look at the indications and options for specific situations, from the rudimentary to the extreme.

The Spectrum of Allergic Ocular Diseases

A breakdown of the science and treatments for these common conditions.


Corneal Consult

Attacking Acanthamoeba Keratitis

How to spot and treat this rare but serious condition and reduce risk of vision loss.

Fitting Challenges

Troubleshooting Traumatic Corneal Irregularity

This patient presented after a firework went off in his hand. Let’s review how to proceed.

My Perspective

Doing More With Less

How the eyecare community is addressing donor tissue shortages for corneal transplants.

The Big Picture

Flood Zone

Lacrimal duct obstruction leaves tears with no drainage mechanism, leading to epiphora.

The GP Experts

Those Stubborn Deposits

Two insidious manifestations underscore the importance of on-time lens replacement.