January/February 2022


Fitting the Keratoconic Eye Post-Surgery

We discuss how to carefully initiate contact lenses after various corneal procedures, including crosslinking.

KCN Genetic Testing: Where Does It Fit In?

This new technology holds the potential to help identify some patients early, but experts caution it’s just one piece of the diagnostic puzzle.

Trends in Infectious KeratitisC.E.

Here’s what you need to know to better diagnose and treat this condition.


Corneal Consult

Deep Dive

Don’t let suture-related complications sneak up on you after a corneal transplant.

My Perspective

Circling Back on Recycling Contacts

Consider the efforts that can limit the environmental impact of lenses and their packaging.

The Big Picture

In the Line of Fire

Corneal foreign bodies can cause longstanding problems if not attended to quickly.

The GP Experts

Building Your GP Practice

Combine the right tools with passion and persistence to create the ultimate GP and specialty lens practice.