CooperVision announces that the FDA has granted a special 510(k) clearance for Avaira Toric, a two-week silicone hydrogel contact lens for astigmatism. For more information about the early May 2012 distribution, visit

Eyemaginations launches a new patient education tool to aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of dry eye disease, which will feature tear osmolarity testing. The new content will be available in the upcoming software release for Luma and on all other platforms shortly thereafter. For more information, visit

Hoya Optics has received FDA approval to distribute Clear Optics IOLs to the U.S. market. The two models to be commercially distributed are clear foldable hydrophobic acrylic-optic aspheric intraocular lenses, the iSymm Intraocular Lens (Model FC-60AD) and the preloaded iSert Intraocular Lens (Model PC-60AD). For more information, visit

Alden Optical, Inc. announces that it will extend its series of NovaKone webinars through May 2012 to address the ongoing interest in the new soft lens for keratoconus. To register for an introductory webinar, visit

• The 36th British Contact Lens Association (BCLA) Clinical Conference and Exhibition will take place in ICC Birmingham, United Kingdom from May 24-27. COPE has approved eight hours of CE credit, with another 4.5 hours pending approval. All CET workshops have been approved for a total of 22.5 CET points, and clinical lectures will provide up to 24.5 CET points. For more information, visit

ONS Holds Roundtable
Only 18% of baby boomers take supplements to support their eye health, according to a national survey conducted by the Ocular Nutrition Society (ONS).

Sponsored by Bausch + Lomb, ONS recently held a roundtable event, featuring experts in the fields of ophthalmology, optometry, diet and nutrition and primary care, to discuss the state of eye health in the baby boomer population. In a post-event statement, ONS cited scientific evidence to support the role of nutrients like zinc, vitamins C and E, lutein, zeaxanthin and long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, to help promote health in the aging eye. The experts gathered discussed the lack of these nutrients in the American diet and the need for baby boomers to take dietary supplements for eye health.

Survey results also showed that more than 60% of respondents were unaware of the role of omega-3 fatty acids, 66% were unaware of the role of lutein and 89% were not aware of the role of zeaxanthin. For more information, visit

ABB Webinar Series is COPE-Approved
ABB Concise announces that its Practice Partnership webinar series, presented by Patrick Caroline, C.O.T., of Pacific University, has continued COPE approval. Sponsored by Paragon Vision Sciences, the series features topics that support successful treatment options and outcomes with gas-permeable lens fittings. For a $35 fee, a 10-question online exam is available for CE credit. For more information, visit

GPLI Announces 2012 Symposium
The Gas Permeable Lens Institute (GPLI) will host “GP Lens Practice…Today and Tomorrow,” on June 3, 2012 in Denver. The symposium will allow attendees to select from seven courses in fundamental and advanced GP lens education. Speakers include Ed Bennett, O.D., Ms.Ed., Christine Sindt, O.D., Tom Quinn, O.D., M.S., and Shawna Hill Vanderhoof, O.D., to name a few. The conference will be offer up to seven hours of COPE, NCLE and/or JCAHPO credit. For more information, visit

OcuSoft Releases New MGD Emulsion
OcuSoft announces the availability of Retaine MGD ophthalmic emulsion, a new therapy for individuals suffering from dry eye syndrome and meibomian gland dysfunction. Retaine MGD is a preservative-free oil-in-water emulsion that moisturizes, lubricates and protects moderate to severe dry eyes, using Novasorb technology to prolong corneal contact time. The hypotonicity of the emulsion adds moisture by lowering the salt concentration of tears while the lipid component lubricates and protects the eye surface. For more information, visit