Allergan has launched Refresh Optive Advanced, a new over-the-counter artificial tear option for patients suffering from dry eye. The manufacturer says this new product is a lipid-enhanced tear with the low blur and comfort of an aqueous tear. It features a triple formula to reduce tear evaporation, hydrate and lubricate for dry eye symptom relief. For more information, visit

Acculens releases two new scleral lens multifocals: Maxim Plus and Comfort SL Plus. Both new multifocals incorporate center near add technology with aspheric zone blend and are indicated for the management of corneal distortion and dry eye. Maxim Plus will correct presbyopia, while managing corneal distortion. Comfort SL Plus is indicated for normal corneas. For more information, visit

• The Oasis Expander (Oasis Medical) is a 7.0mm diameter polypropylene ring that expands and maintains access and visibility throughout the surgical procedure. The device is indicated for cases where miosis or intraoperative floppy syndrome is present. For more information, visit

• Heidelberg Engineering launches MultiColor Scanning Laser Imaging, a new product in their multi-modality fundus imaging line. The MultiColor uses multiple laser colors simultaneously to selectively capture and display diagnostic information originating from different retinal structures within a single examination. For more information, visit

•The Contact Lens Society of America announces the 57th Annual Education Meeting, to take place April 25-28, 2012 in Newport Beach, Calif. This year’s theme is “Improving Vision. Changing Lives.” For more information, visit

VisionWatch Study Shows Purchase Trends
The 2011 Contact Lens Wearer Insight survey from Jobson Optical Research found that 26.5% of the 1,584 contact lens wearer respondents are undecided on whether or not they will make their next contact lens purchase online.Convenience and price were the two main priorities when selecting where to purchase contact lenses.

A survey of where respondents made their last contact lens purchase showed that 17.1% preferred the Internet vs. 76.5% who chose a physical retail location. Of those that made their last purchase online, two-thirds (64.6%) said they did so because online retailers charged less. Almost one-third (32.8%) of all respondents said they were very or somewhat likely to make their next contact lens purchase on the Internet. For more information or to purchase the full report, visit

New MPS May Preserve Tear Proteins
Researchers at the University of Manchester found that BioTrue (Bausch + Lomb) contains protein-stabilizing agents including hyaluronic acid, poloxamine and sulfobetaine 10. This formulation can prevent the denaturation of human lactoferrin and lysozyme while the lens is stored overnight, allowing the stabilized proteins to maintain their antibacterial and bacteriolytic activity. The results of the study are published in the January 2012 issue of Eye and Contact Lens.

Contact Lenses Deliver Extended Pain Relief
Researchers are developing a new contact lens, designed to provide a continuous supply of anesthetic medication to the eye for patients recovering from laser eye surgery. This new technology uses vitamin E to help release drugs automatically over time, thus eliminating the need for patients to repeatedly use medicine drops. Tests show that the time release of three commonly used anesthetics was extended from slightly less than two hours to a full day, and even a few days in some instances.

Dr. Chauhan and his colleagues found that vitamin E acts as a barrier to keep the anesthetic in place on the eye. In the future, the researchers say these lenses could be used as bandage contact lenses post-PRK surgery. A complete report of the findings will appear in Langmuir (ACS Publications).