March/April 2021


Advances in Optics Drive Soft Lens Success

Achieving crisp vision for all refractive errors in a hydrogel material was no easy task. Let’s look at the stumbling blocks and successes that brought today’s lenses to life.

Manufacturing a Brand-New Industry

From humble origins, soft contact lens production ramped up as continual innovations paved the way for a half-century of progress.

Material Gains: 50 Years of the Soft Contact Lens

A closer look at the evolution of lens materials and what comes next.

Replaceable Lenses, Irreplaceable Progress

Contact lens wear schedules overcame early growing pains, leading to today’s healthier, multi-wearing schedule options.


Corneal Consult

This or That

Apical corneal ring infiltrates are commonly associated with Acanthamoeba keratitis, but that doesn’t mean this is always the correct diagnosis.

Fitting Challenges

When Toric is Not Enough

The more experience you have with unique lens designs, the more comfortable you’ll feel trusting your clinical intuition in situations like these.

My Perspective

The Bio-Data Rat Race

Despite some worries, the future looks bright regarding genetic testing.

The GP Experts

Confronting Compliance

Having patients demonstrate they understand can help this challenging and complex process.