Continuing education

Pathologic Causes of Irregular AstigmatismC.E.

Thin is in—but not in the cornea. Here’s a rundown of non-inflammatory corneal thinning disorders that lead to irregular astigmatism.

A Systematic Approach to Solving Contact Lens DiscomfortC.E.

Comfort may be the number one factor in achieving a successful, long-lasting contact lens fit. Take a stepwise approach when comfort can’t be found.

Transplantation for Limbal Stem Cell DeficiencyC.E.

When severe disease calls for surgery, here’s how you can be prepared for the pre- and post-op care.

Fitting the Surgically Compromised CorneaC.E.

Specialty contact lenses are often the best option for post-corneal surgery patients. Here’s how you can handle these challenging cases.

Corneal Ulcers: Sterile But Not BenignC.E.

Even if they aren’t infectious, these are no laughing matter. In fact, many ocular and systemic conditions might be at play.

CXL: A First-line Therapy for Keratoconus

Eye care professionals have a new leading treatment option to combat this disease.