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Stopping Corneal Erosion with Amniotic Membranes

This collagen-rich tissue is emerging as a new method for managing EBMD and recurrent corneal erosion. How does it perform clinically?

Dry Eye: Can You Tackle These Tough Cases?

Experts walk us through their approach to refractory disease. With multiple factors to address, opinions may differ. What's yours?

Keratoconus Surgery: The Shape of Things to Come

New diagnostic and operative techniques may soon benefit practitioners and patients. 

Lamellar Surgery: The Bold New Look of Corneal ...

By selectively removing only diseased corneal layers, today's surgeons do more with less.

'Real-World' Strategies for Improving Contact ...

Give your patients the "green light" for better care!

Blepharo-Induced OSD: No Match for Scleral Lenses

Real-life cases offer proof that this modality can relieve symptoms of ocular dryness.

20 Bright Ideas to Illuminate and Inspire

These thought-provoking abstracts from ARVO will likely help define best practices in the near future.

Finding the Perfect Fit

High-tech tools may improve contact lens manufacturing efficiency—and patient vision and comfort.

Uncovering VLK

Don't be caught off guard by this rare complication of contact lens wear.

Controlling the Ocular Immune Response

We must strive to limit its untoward effects without undermining its essential role in protection and healing.

It's Time to Bring Sjögren’s out of the ...

This autoimmune disease can go undiagnosed for years. By working closely with other health care providers, we may be able to detect it in its earliest stages.

10 Dos and Don'ts of Scleral Lenses

Fitting Scleral lenses can be a tricky process, but proper preparation can ensure success when fitting this unique modality.
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Treating Dry Eye—With Contacts

Commonly discouraged in cases of eye irritation, contact ...
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Lamellar Surgery: The Bold New Look of Corneal Transplants

By selectively removing only diseased corneal layers, ...
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Who Isn't a Good Candidate for Refractive Surgery?

A variety of exclusion factors exist for refractive ...
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Observing Contact Lens Health Week

The CDC offers a helping hand to eye care practitioners. ...
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Stopping Corneal Erosion with Amniotic Membranes

This collagen-rich tissue is emerging as a new method for ...
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In Brief

New and noteworthy advances for practicing clinicians.
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September 2014  1.00 Credits

Controlling Myopia, Changing Lives

View CE Lesson
June 2014  1.00 Credits

Decoding the Genetics of Corneal Disease

View CE Lesson
May 2014  2.00 Credits

The Hunt for Dry Eye Instigators

View CE Lesson
April 2014  1.00 Credits

Treating the Tear Film: Nutrition is Essential

View CE Lesson
March 2014  2.00 Credits

Conjunctivitis up Close

View CE Lesson
January 2014  1.00 Credits

Lessons Learned: Contact Lenses, Adverse Events and Bacterial Keratitis

View CE Lesson
November 2013  1.00 Credits

Contact Lenses For the Athlete: Play to Win! by Alan M. Berman, OD

View CE Lesson
October 2013  1.00 Credits

Taking a Closer Look at the Cornea by David I. Geffen, OD, FAAO

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