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10 Dos and Don'ts of Scleral Lenses

Fitting Scleral lenses can be a tricky process, but proper preparation can ensure success when fitting this unique modality.

Managing the Curve

Successfully fitting scleral lenses may seem like a complex task. But understanding a few basic principles of lens curvature will make it simpler than you ...

Putting Scleral Lenses Front and Center

Commonly reserve only for patients with irregular corneas, sclerals can be an excellent option even for patients with 'normal' ones.

Simplify Your Specialized Coding

Building a practice that focuses on fitting specialty lenses can be both rewarding and challenging. Don't let coding issues prevent success.

Controversies in Corneal Ulcer Care

Treating infectious corneal ulcers can be a daunting task for clinicians. But conquering these challenges can be rewarding for practitioners as well as ...

Ease the Burden for Allergy Sufferers

Proper preparation and education can help simplify your treatment plan for patients presenting with allergic conjunctivitis.

10 Ways to Avoid Contact Lens Complications

Clinical tips to keep contact lens wearers complication-free.

A Breath of Fresh Air

A fresh look at the oxygen transmissibility of silicone hydrogels.

The Compromised Eye: Presentations and Pathology

A visual guide to some of the worst complications of the anterior segment.

Insights from AAO 2013

Ten thought-provoking new ideas from AAO 2013.

Is Wavefront Aberrometry a Good Fit for Contact ...

New technology may with correcting for HOAs.

Where Do We Stand in the Battle Against Resistant ...

The rise of resistant organisms threatens all facets of health care.
What's New
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In Brief

Here is a snapshot of what is happening in the industry.
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A Crack in the Surface

Improper lens care by your GP wearers can lead to ...
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10 Dos and Don'ts of Scleral Lenses

Fitting Scleral lenses can be a tricky process, but proper ...
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How Safe is DALK?

Are new corneal surgical techniques safe?
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Simplify Your Specialized Coding

Building a practice that focuses on fitting specialty ...
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Dust Off Those Diagnostic Lenses

While empirical fitting is becoming the norm, patients ...
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January 2014  1.00 Credits

Lessons Learned: Contact Lenses, Adverse Events and Bacterial Keratitis

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November 2013  1.00 Credits

Contact Lenses For the Athlete: Play to Win! by Alan M. Berman, OD

View CE Lesson
October 2013  1.00 Credits

Taking a Closer Look at the Cornea by David I. Geffen, OD, FAAO

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September 2013  1.00 Credits

Presbyopia: When is Surgery the Best Option? By David A. Shiple, MD, and James V. Aquavella, MD

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June 2013  1.00 Credits

Making the Case for Daily Disposables by Mile Brujic, OD and Jason R. Miller, OD, MBA

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May 2013  1.00 Credits

A Decision Tree: Proper Antibiotic Selection and Use by William L. Miller, OD, MS, PhD

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April 2013  1.00 Credits

Collagen Cross Linking (CXL) in the Limelight by Andrew Morgenstern, OD

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March 2013  1.00 Credits

A Lens Fit for Dry Eye by Lakshman N. Subbaraman, Phd, BSOptom, MSc and Sruthi Srinivasan, PhD, BSOptom

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