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Glaucoma and Dry Eye: Principles and Parallels

Can one progressive eye disease teach us how to best treat another?

How to Incorporate Scleral Lenses Into Your ...

Turning your interest in scleral lenses into a successful practice-builder requires more than just knowing how to fit them.

Seven Simple Secrets to Scleral Success

Are you intimidated by this resurgent modality? You don't have to be. When fitting scleral lenses, keep these handy tips in mind.

Who's a Candidate for Scleral Lenses?

These specialty lenses are no longer just for the irregular cornea.

A Clear View of Multifocal Contact Lens Optics

Many patients abandon contact lenses at the onset of presbyopia due to the reduced quality of vision. Here's how to achieve the best vision possible and keep ...

Change is Good: Encouraging the Switch to ...

Presbyopes can be apprehensive about moving to multifocal contact lenses. How should you address their concerns?

No Patient Left Behind

With a myriad of multifocals at our disposal, just about everyone is a good candidate for presbyopia correction of some kind.

Resolving Central Islands Caused by Overnight ...

Could a common procedure used to fix topographical central islands in fact worsen them in some cases?

The Final Cut: Surgical Correction of Presbyopia

Are we close to replicating accommodation without compromise?

Stopping Corneal Erosion with Amniotic Membranes

This collagen-rich tissue is emerging as a new method for managing EBMD and recurrent corneal erosion. How does it perform clinically?

Dry Eye: Can You Tackle These Tough Cases?

Experts walk us through their approach to refractory disease. With multiple factors to address, opinions may differ. What's yours?

Keratoconus Surgery: The Shape of Things to Come

New diagnostic and operative techniques may soon benefit practitioners and patients. 
What's New
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Don't Play the Percentages

"Industry norms" are at best a distraction, at worst an ...
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Sticky Situation

Do your patients get mucus buildup on their scleral lenses? ...
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Seven Simple Secrets to Scleral Success

Are you intimidated by this resurgent modality? You don't ...
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Corneal Scars Are Forever–Or Are They?

Doctors may one day use stem cells to treat corneal scars.
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Obvious Problem, Elusive Cause

Diagnosing contact lens-related discomfort is not always as ...
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DMEK in Vitrectomized Eyes: Successes, Setbacks

DMEK is effective in restoring visual acuity in ...
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January 2015  1.00 Credits

Glaucoma and Dry Eye: Principles and Parallels

View CE Lesson
November 2014  1.00 Credits

The Final Cut: Surgical Correction of Presbyopia

View CE Lesson
October 2014  1.00 Credits

Stopping Corneal Erosion With Amniotic Membranes

View CE Lesson
September 2014  1.00 Credits

Controlling Myopia, Changing Lives

View CE Lesson
June 2014  1.00 Credits

Decoding the Genetics of Corneal Disease

View CE Lesson
May 2014  2.00 Credits

The Hunt for Dry Eye Instigators

View CE Lesson
April 2014  1.00 Credits

Treating the Tear Film: Nutrition is Essential

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March 2014  2.00 Credits

Conjunctivitis up Close

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