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Beat the Blepharitis Blues

To understand and treat this common lid condition, make sure you’re clear on its many different presentations.

How Lid Malposition Can Compromise Contact Lens ...

Keep these conditions in mind to prevent or rectify potential obstacles to a successful fit.

How Would You Handle These Refractive Surgery ...

Despite the procedure’s popularity, some issues still remain. How should you address them?

Lids, Friction and and Contact Lens Wear

Does a relatively new phenomenon help explain contact lens discomfort? 

The Chicken-and-Egg Problem of MGD and Contact ...

Which came first, the dysfunction or the discomfort? Researchers aren’t sure, but clinicians need to manage them simultaneously. 

Antibiotics in Practice: Use, Don’t Abuse

Resistant bacterial strains challenge eye doctors to be judicious in treatment. Here are several key trends to heed when setting a regimen.

Beware the Biofilm

What are practitioners doing to prevent this common formation and the risk it poses to contact lens wearers?

Managing Contact Lens-Related Bacterial Infections

When a patient at risk presents, how do you keep them free of problems?

Targeted and Timely: The New Model of Dry Eye Care

Point-of-care tests and advanced diagnostic imaging are helping doctors tackle it faster and more precisely than ever before.

Building a Foundation for a Better Future: ARVO ...

An expert weighs in on new ideas in the field of cornea and contact lens care.

Contact Lens Use After Corneal Crosslinking

An irregular cornea patient presents needing better vision following a corneal stabilization procedure. What do you do?

Fitting Rigid Lenses After Refractive Surgery

Corneal and scleral GP lenses cover the ‘last mile’ for patients who need correction after LASIK and PRK.
What's New
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How Would You Handle These Refractive Surgery Controversies?

Despite the procedure’s popularity, some issues still ...
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Don’t Forget to Check the Lids

While always important to lens wear, the eyelids also play ...
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Is a Sustained Medication Delivery System on the Horizon?

Research reveals latanoprost-eluting contact lenses may one ...
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News Review

Here is a snapshot of what is happening in the industry.
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Put a Lid on CL Discomfort

Know the signs, symptoms and treatment options for CLIDE ...
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Beat the Blepharitis Blues

To understand and treat this common lid condition, make ...
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