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Corneal Astigmatism Correction During Cataract ...

Surgeons have more options—and decisions—than ever before.

Prepping the Surgical Eye

In many anterior ocular surgeries, good ocular surface integrity is vital to postoperative success. 

Something to SMILE About?

How does the newest refractive procedure measure up against LASIK?

Staying in Shape: Post-Surgical Keratoconic Lens ...

Can additional surgery be avoided in a keratoconus patient who requires better functional vision?

Supercharge Your Contact Lens Profitability

Specialty lenses and properly priced professional expertise can boost the revenue in your contact lens business.

The Cataract Patient is a Dry Eye Patient

Both conditions require attention and intervention.

Considering Keratitis: Critical Questions in ...

Your approach to these four clinical challenges will influence the course of therapy and its outcome.

How to Fend Off Herpes and Varicella Zoster

Knowing how to manage these viral conditions, especially long-term, is key to saving your patients' vision.

Keeping the Bugs at Bay: Fungi and Protozoa in ...

Managing these infections can be challenging. Here's a breakdown of the most important points to remember.

Understanding Corneal Infection Care

Do you know the signs, symptoms and treatments for this uncommon yet devastating disease?

Critical Measurements to Improve Scleral Lens ...

Gathering as much data as possible can help streamline the process and provide better outcomes.

GPs: Are You Making Good Use of Diagnostic ...

An expert walks you through the finer points of the process to help you achieve better results.
What's New
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Generic Drugs: More Than Meets the Eye?

Not all drugs are created equal. Be aware of these ...
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Supercharge Your Contact Lens Profitability

Specialty lenses and properly priced professional expertise ...
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Playing the Field: How Manufacturers Can Help You

Having trouble fitting GP lenses in your practice? ...
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The Never-ending Story

When we already struggle with patient compliance, how are ...
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Lifitegrast in Limbo

The FDA recently requested more data on this ...
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Contact Lenses Further Dilute Topical Drops

Certain contact lens materials may inhibit treatment of ...
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November 2015  1.00 Credits

Reshaping the Outcome: Corneal Astigmatism Correction During Cataract Surgery

View CE Lesson
September 2015  1.00 Credits

Critical Ocular Measurements to Improve Scleral Lens Fitting

View CE Lesson
June 2015  1.00 Credits

Doctor, Why Is My Vision Blurry?

View CE Lesson
May 2015  1.00 Credits

Keeping the Cornea Clear

View CE Lesson
April 2015  1.00 Credits

Is That Corneal Infiltrate Sterile or Infectious?

View CE Lesson
March 2015  1.00 Credits

Mastering the Mechanics of Ocular Allergy

View CE Lesson
January 2015  1.00 Credits

Glaucoma and Dry Eye: Principles and Parallels

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November 2014  1.00 Credits

The Final Cut: Surgical Correction of Presbyopia

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