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Fitting Multifocal Contact Lenses for Myopia ...

These practice pearls aid in myopia management, including avoiding onset and slowing progression in patients of all ages.

10 Tips from an Orthokeratology Expert

Don’t let misconceptions stop you from using this treatment modality that can provide a huge benefit to patients with myopia.

Keys to a Pediatric Soft Lens Fitting

From infancy to adolescence, contact lenses prove a viable and beneficial treatment option for a range of conditions.

Myopia on the Move

Steady growth in the prevalence of this deceptively simple condition will expose half the world’s population to visual impairment. Here’s what to ...

Reshaping Ortho-k

Toric lenses can expand myopia management to include patients with astigmatism.

Advances in Understanding Tear Film Dynamics

Let’s gain some perspective on the components, modalities and methodology of dry eye.

Solving Scleral Contact Lens Induced Pingueculitis

The simplest option is often the best solution.

Taking Torics to the Top

Fitting toric lenses has become increasingly straightforward and now presents a viable option for myriad contact lens wearers.

When to Opt for Scleral Lenses

Irregular cornea patients in particular can enjoy the many benefits that accompany fitting scleral lenses.

Beat the Blepharitis Blues

To understand and treat this common lid condition, make sure you’re clear on its many different presentations.

How Lid Malposition Can Compromise Contact Lens ...

Keep these conditions in mind to prevent or rectify potential obstacles to a successful fit.

How Would You Handle These Refractive Surgery ...

Despite the procedure’s popularity, some issues still remain. How should you address them?
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Foggy with a Chance of Clarity

Here are a few tricks you can use when battling scleral ...
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Specialty Contact Lenses: Treat Your Keratoconus Patients Right

Here’s an in-depth look at the wide range of options ...
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STUMPED: Demystifying Congenital Corneal Anomalies

Understanding the history of corneal anomalies and where ...
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Cosmetic Contact Lenses for the Deformed Iris

This simple alternative provides added benefits.
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An Abnormal Cornea: A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

Assessing corneal shape and integrity can be tricky, but ...
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Seeing the Cornea with OCT Eyes

This diagnostic tool can provide advanced analysis of the ...
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