Nov/Dec 2017


Contact Lens Care: Advice from an Expert

As we look to the future of contact lens safety, it’s important to remember our past and how it shaped our present.

Contact Lens-associated Red Eye: Causes and Corrections

These cases can be challenging, but they don’t always have to be.

Extended Wear: Still an Option?

This modality was all the rage until concerns arose. Is it still worth fitting patients with these contact lenses?

Keratoprosthesis: When Standard Transplants Fail

Here’s what you need to know about this specialized procedure for treating blinding corneal disease when traditional therapies don’t work.

Managing Microbial Keratitis

Early identification and treatment is crucial when dealing with these infections.


Corneal Consult

Treating Herpes Simplex Virus

Round out your HSV know-how by mastering its treatment.

Fitting Challenges

One Size Does Not Fit All

Custom-designed contact lenses can be a big help for your outlier patients. Here’s one case that displays the benefits.

My Perspective

Gut Instinct

New research details the relationship between microbiota and the eye. Here’s what you should know.



Osmolarity | Corneal Collagen Crosslinking | Herpetic Epithelial Keratitis | Centre for Ocular Research and Education

Pharma Science & Practice

Juggling Dry Eye and Glaucoma

Overlap increases as our patients age, so we need to be aware of how treatment of one disease affects the other.

Practice Progress

Let’s Make It Less Complex

New scleral lens technology makes the fitting process more efficient than ever. Here’s a look at what has changed.

The Big Picture

Rubbed the Wrong Way

Complications developed after epithelial debridement in a routine crosslinking procedure.

The GP Experts

Managing Corneal GP Complications

Become a troubleshooting master and your GP lens patients will reap the benefits.