January/February 2020


Blink Mechanics: Why it MattersC.E.

This incredibly important function has huge implications for dry eye and contact lens wear, especially when it goes awry.

Colored Contacts: More Than a Pretty Eye

These lenses have both therapeutic and prosthetic applications.

Managing Irregular Corneas With Soft Lenses

Clinical observations will aid in choosing a lens design that offers the appropriate features.

Overcoming Post-op Contact Lens Challenges

Follow this step-by-step approach when fitting specialty lenses.


Corneal Consult

No Pain, No Gain

Learn how corneal anesthesia complicated this neurotrophic ulcer case.

Fitting Challenges

Rosacea: A Double Whammy

Here’s how scleral lens wear helped this patient.

My Perspective

Our Ongoing Mission

Important concerns remain for contact lens–related corneal infections.

Practice Progress

Contact Lenses for the Compromised Cornea

This modality offers a solution for a handful of different ocular conditions.

The Big Picture

Last Line of Defense

A descemetocele leaves nothing but a thin membrane to protect the eye from perforation.

The GP Experts

Old Mainstays Can Save the Day

Understanding a patient’s visual expectations can help you make the most out of simple solutions.