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Seeing the Cornea with OCT Eyes  3/15/2017

This diagnostic tool can provide advanced analysis of the anterior segment, corneal pachymetry and more.
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Take a New Look at Colored Lenses  3/15/2017

New colored contact lens modalities and expanded technologies offer opportunities for both patient care and practice growth.
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Corneal Collagen Crosslinking: Not Just for Adults  2/15/2017

Treatment plans for pediatric patients with keratoconus may get an upgrade soon with this newly approved technology.
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Get to Know Your Genes  2/15/2017

One day, genetic testing and gene therapy may help patients avoid corneal disease altogether.
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Targeted and Timely: The New Model of Dry Eye Care  9/15/2016

Point-of-care tests and advanced diagnostic imaging are helping doctors tackle it faster and more precisely than ever before.

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What Corneal Shape Reveals About Corneal Health  5/22/2016

Mapping the irregular cornea reveals much about disease status and its amenability to treatment. Here’s a review.
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Corneal Crosslinking: Reshaping Keratoconus Management  5/15/2016

This long-awaited procedure strengthens collagen bonds to stabilize the cornea. Recent technological advances seek to make the treatment faster and more customizable.
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Contact Lens Biosensors: Finding the Holy Grail?  3/15/2016

“Data on demand” could revolutionize the care of patients with diabetes or glaucoma.
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Springtime for Sclerals  3/15/2016

Once considered antiquated, this design has recently flourished as a way to help patients with ocular surface disease. 
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Putting it On the Map: Fitting Rigid Lenses Using Corneal Topography  2/15/2016

Familiarizing yourself with corneal mapping can lead to more success with your GP contact lens patients.
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Playing the Field: How Manufacturers Can Help You  11/15/2015

Having trouble fitting GP lenses in your practice? Don’t be afraid to ask for help from the outside.
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ARVO 2015 Report: Bridging Research & Practice  6/15/2015

Our picks for 20 of this year's most clinically relevant papers in the field of cornea and contact lenses.
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Diagnostic Imaging Technology for Corneal Analysis  6/15/2015

Do you know the latest options for precisely evaluating the cornea?

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The Fight Against Discomfort: Innovations in Daily Disposables  6/15/2015

New lens materials and technologies are making their way into the market. Here's a refresher on the latest available to your patients.
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A 'Coherent' Strategy for Fitting Scleral Lenses  5/15/2015

OCT: It's not just for retina anymore!
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In Brief  5/15/2015

Here's a snapshot of what it happening in the industry.
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Is Google Making Us Stupid?  5/15/2015

The ubiquity of information online is both a blessing and a curse. How much knowledge is too much?
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Getting Serious About OSD  4/15/2015

We have made huge strides in understanding dry eye disease, with more on the way.
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The Great Silicone Cover Up  4/15/2015

A new lens surfacing option improves wettability and lubricity. How does it work?
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Telescopic Scleral Lenses May Ease AMD Burden  3/15/2015

A telescopic lens design may give AMD patients a more subtle way to improve their vision.
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20 Bright Ideas to Illuminate and Inspire  6/15/2014

These thought-provoking abstracts from ARVO will likely help define best practices in the near future.
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The Eluding Nature of the Eluting Lens  6/15/2014

Novel drug delivery methods were on display at this year's annual ARVO meeting.
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In Brief  5/15/2014

Here is a snapshot of what is happening in the industry.
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Surveyor of the Surface  5/15/2014

Corneal topographers are great diagnostic tools for contact lens specialists—if you know how to use them. Here are several key points.
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