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Solutions and Lens Care

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CDC Report Notes Widespread Lens Care Noncompliance  9/15/2015

Virtually all CL wearers engage in some form of risky behavior concerning lens care.
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In Brief  6/15/2015

Here's a snapshot of what is happening in the industry.
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Even Good Compliance May Not Eradicate Fungi  5/15/2015

Certain fungi may be resistant to even proper lens care methods. 
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Kids Aren't Short Adults: Tips for Fitting Young Contact Lens Wearers  5/15/2015

Prescribing contact lenses to children requires a vastly different approach compared to adults. Here are some things to keep in mind.
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Five Steps to Increase Contact Lens Adherence  4/15/2015

Getting patients to comply with lens wear and care guidelines is a well-known battle. Here are some points to make it a little easier.
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Special Care Keeps Specialty Lens Wearers Safe  4/15/2015

Contact lens care is a vital step to the continued safety and health of the contact lens patient. So how does lens care differ in the case of sclerals and other specialty lenses?
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The Great Silicone Cover Up  4/15/2015

A new lens surfacing option improves wettability and lubricity. How does it work?
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In Search of Standards  3/15/2015

The ISO recently announced a new method to assess the safety of contact lens products. Will the FDA follow suit?
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How to Incorporate Scleral Lenses Into Your Practice  1/15/2015

Turning your interest in scleral lenses into a successful practice-builder requires more than just knowing how to fit them.
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Sticky Situation  1/15/2015

Do your patients get mucus buildup on their scleral lenses? Here's one way to remove it.
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The Quest for Compliance  1/15/2015

The CDC recently completed its first national contact lens health campaign. Can lessons learned during the effort help practicing clinicians?
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Should Your Patients Purchase Contact Lenses Elsewhere?  11/15/2014

Watch out for third-party contact lens sellers attempting to gain your patients' business.
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Observing Contact Lens Health Week  10/15/2014

The CDC offers a helping hand to eye care practitioners. Let's take it!
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What's 'Bugging' Us About Contact Lens Solutions  10/15/2014

Could FDA contact lens solution testing procedures introduced earlier this year help curb future Acanthamoeba outbreaks?
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'Real-World' Strategies for Improving Contact Lens Compliance  9/15/2014

Give your patients the "green light" for better care!
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A Fresh Look at Lens Cleaning  9/15/2014

New FDA contact lens solution testing procedures introduced earlier this year aim to improve user safety. Will CMC play a role?
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In Brief  6/15/2014

Here is a snapshot of what is happening in the industry.

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Out With the Old  6/15/2014

The FDA has completely revised its contact lens solution testing—a dramatic step forward in ensuring patient safety. 
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Wash Away Your Old Hygiene Strategy  5/15/2014

Early impressions of a new eyelid cleansing option to help keep your patients’ eyes clean and microbe-free. 
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A Crack in the Surface  4/15/2014

Improper lens care by your GP wearers can lead to expensive, unnecessary remakes. Educate patients on proper care techniques to prevent these costly situations.
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Through Thick and Thin  3/15/2014

Heavy mucin build-up can complicate scleral lens wear. A few quick cleaning tips can reduce mucous production and improve long-term success.
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10 Ways to Avoid Contact Lens Complications  1/15/2014

Clinical tips to keep contact lens wearers complication-free.
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Are Solutions Actually the Problem?  1/15/2014

Contact lens solutions have the potential to cause a wide range of complications.
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Not So Fast...  1/15/2014

It’s important to consider many underlying causes for red eye.
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