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Soft Lenses

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Avoiding 'Tunnel Vision'  10/1/2015

Break the habit of narrowly defining patients by their chief complaint and you'll improve your opportunities to promote contact lens wear.
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My Perspective  10/1/2015

The CDC's latest MMWR reveals that contact lens compliance is embarrassingly low. What can we do about it?
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Blinded by the Light?  9/15/2015

Just because something works once doesn’t mean that it always will, or that it could never be surpassed by something even better.
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The Fight Against Discomfort: Innovations in Daily Disposables  6/15/2015

New lens materials and technologies are making their way into the market. Here's a refresher on the latest available to your patients.
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Treating Dry Eye with Lactoferrin-Loaded Lenses  6/15/2015

Lactoferrin delivery could help prevent the effects of oxidative stress on the tear fluid.

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'Tis the Season  5/15/2015

Managing occasional allergy symptoms is just as important as alleviating persistent problems in preventing contact lens dropout.
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Band Together  5/15/2015

Here’s how an everyday rubber band will make your patients better contact lens wearers—and increase practice profits.

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Kids Aren't Short Adults: Tips for Fitting Young Contact Lens Wearers  5/15/2015

Prescribing contact lenses to children requires a vastly different approach compared to adults. Here are some things to keep in mind.
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In Brief  4/15/2015

Here's a snapshot of what is happening in the industry.

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In Search of Standards  3/15/2015

The ISO recently announced a new method to assess the safety of contact lens products. Will the FDA follow suit?
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Rethinking GPC: A New Look at an Old Problem  3/15/2015

How well do you know this common contact lens complication?
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Don't Play the Percentages  1/15/2015

"Industry norms" are at best a distraction, at worst an irresponsible way to set goals.
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In Brief  1/15/2015

Here is a snapshot of what's happening in the industry
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A Clear View of Multifocal Contact Lens Optics  11/15/2014

Many patients abandon contact lenses at the onset of presbyopia due to the reduced quality of vision. Here's how to achieve the best vision possible and keep them wearing contact lenses.
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Change is Good: Encouraging the Switch to Multifocals  11/15/2014

Presbyopes can be apprehensive about moving to multifocal contact lenses. How should you address their concerns?
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Digital World, Ocular Fatigue  11/15/2014

Electronic device use is growing exponentially. Are you taking this into account when discussing contact lenses?
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No Patient Left Behind  11/15/2014

With a myriad of multifocals at our disposal, just about everyone is a good candidate for presbyopia correction of some kind.
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Sharing is Caring: Delegate Your Contact Lens Fits  11/15/2014

Here's why learning to let go is one secret to a successful practice.
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Should Your Patients Purchase Contact Lenses Elsewhere?  11/15/2014

Watch out for third-party contact lens sellers attempting to gain your patients' business.
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In Brief  10/15/2014

New and noteworthy advances for practicing clinicians.
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Observing Contact Lens Health Week  10/15/2014

The CDC offers a helping hand to eye care practitioners. Let's take it!
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Treating Dry Eye—With Contacts  10/15/2014

Commonly discouraged in cases of eye irritation, contact lenses can sometimes provide relief to patients with ocular surface disease.
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What's 'Bugging' Us About Contact Lens Solutions  10/15/2014

Could FDA contact lens solution testing procedures introduced earlier this year help curb future Acanthamoeba outbreaks?
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In Brief  9/15/2014

Here is a snapshot of what is happening in the industry.
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