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Double Trouble?  3/15/2017

Suspected amoebic infection plus fungal superinfection—in a diabetes patient, no less.
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Refractive Surgery Fallout: GPs to the Rescue  3/15/2017

Gas permeable lenses are an effective option for overcoming refractive surgery  complications.
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Don’t Forget to Check the Lids  10/15/2016

While always important to lens wear, the eyelids also play a vital role in GP lens success.
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How Lid Malposition Can Compromise Contact Lens Wear  10/15/2016

Keep these conditions in mind to prevent or rectify potential obstacles to a successful fit.
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MMWR and Contact Lens Alerts  10/15/2016

Timely information on these issues is at our fingertips, thanks to the CDC.


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News Review  10/15/2016

Here is a snapshot of what is happening in the industry.
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Beware the Biofilm  9/15/2016

What are practitioners doing to prevent this common formation and the risk it poses to contact lens wearers?
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Case Report: Look Before You Judge  6/15/2016

The most unique cases sometimes present as the most mundane.
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Bringing Clarity to Keratoconus  5/15/2016

Corneal thinning and its effects on vision and eye health remains an extremely complex topic; however, recent consensus reports have helped to answer some of the more vexing questions. 
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Complications from a Corneal Issue  4/15/2016

How should one respond when immune deficiency disrupts the corneal healing response?
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Simple Tips for Troubleshooting Sclerals  4/15/2016

These lenses can pose unique challenges, especially for newcomers to the modality. Here’s how to improve chances of success.
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What Increases the Need for Refractive Surgery Retreatment?  4/15/2016

Presence of pre-surgical factors could mean the difference between undergoing one treatment and three.
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In Brief  2/15/2016

Here's a snapshot of what's happening in the industry.
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Reality Check: How FDA Testing Falls Short  2/15/2016

Outdated FDA protocols don't account for real-world usage, newer lens materials and virulent organisms. Proposed updates could bring big changes.
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The Case of the Finicky Fungus  2/15/2016

Treating with antibacterial drugs can be tempting when presented with an acute infection. First make sure the agent matches the organism.
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The Cataract Patient is a Dry Eye Patient  11/15/2015

Both conditions require attention and intervention.
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The Never-ending Story  11/15/2015

When we already struggle with patient compliance, how are we going to get patients to add even more steps?
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Failure to Communicate  10/1/2015

The CDC's latest MMWR reveals that contact lens compliance is embarrassingly low. What can we do about it?
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Pregnant Pause  9/15/2015

Updates to the FDA’s pregnancy drug categorization system mean changes for your practice.
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In Brief  5/15/2015

Here's a snapshot of what it happening in the industry.
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Bringing Clarity to CLARE  4/15/2015

Understanding and knowing how to treat this common contact lens complication can benefit both your patients and your practice.
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Managing Acute Corneal Hydrops in Keratoconus  4/15/2015

Using a structured approach to determine which factors impede healing will lead to success with these often challenging scenarios.
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Troubleshooting GP Complications  4/15/2015

Many GP lens problems are easily resolved once identified.
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Bug Eyes  1/15/2015

Are you fully considering Demodex in your work-ups and treatment decisions?
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